Can-Am Ryker great success worth to celebrate!

Can-Am Ryker – We just surpassed 1 Billion PR impressions worldwide!
The Can-Am Ryker is an incredible vehicle that’s completely disrupting the riding industry. But don’t take it from us. The buzz across the globe has been unwavering since launch!
BRP’s PR campaign has been laser focused on creating a “ripple in culture.” And to accomplish that, we’ve been spreading the word throughout the riding industry, but even more importantly, in lifestyle outlets where we typically don’t see BRP product coverage.
The result? The Can-Am Ryker is everywhere. Motorcycling outlets, adventure, lifestyle, celebrity, local news…digital, television, print, and more. The Ryker is a force to be reckoned with across the board, with nearly 70% of stories coming from lifestyle outlets – indisputable proof of our ripple in culture!
And people get it. They’re saying incredible things about how fun it is to ride, how easy it is to learn, how the price is extremely attractive, and how awesome it is to personalize.
It’s A Ride Like No Other!
But the momentum doesn’t stop there. We’ve partnered with renowned hip hop group, Migos, and one of the members, Offset, showcased the Ryker in his “Clout” music video, which also features Cardi B. Additionally, Latin sensation, Maluma, put the Ryker front and center in his “HP” music video. Combined, those two videos alone have nearly 500 million views on YouTube! (on top of the 1 billion impressions)
So here’s to the incredible ride since launch, and rest assured, we’re going to keep going full throttle!
“I quickly realized the crowd that found the bike most fascinating is the demographic of those who otherwise have no interest in motorcycles. Inevitably leading me to think, “Hey, this could be really good for motorcycling.”
Cycle World
Ryker is sexy, cool, fast, and very fun to ride
Women Riders Now
Can-Am is a three-wheel pioneer, building trikes way before it was cool…the new Ryker gives fun and stability on twisty roads…and there’s a badass Rally Edition.”
Popular Mechanics
It is just the beginning guys! There is already contribution from our markets there, but we can do more!

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